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Here are some sites that I’ve found to be helpful, and interesting. – this is a superb site on which you can search for any words, or verses in the Bible…in any translation you prefer – this organization publishes Our Daily Bread. They also produce excellent videos on many topics related to the Bible, Jesus and Biblical history…as well as videos of other matters of concern to Christians – Excellent nutrition, and natural health information

GreenTalk – A great blog for information about “green” living. My friend Anna Hackman writes it, and she has many very good articles on all sorts of “green” concepts … for inside, and outside the home. Here is the link to her site: 

Once Upon A  Chef – A site full of amazing recipes by Jenn Segal.  She is a professionally trained chef who now shares her delightful creations with the world … when she’s not busy taking care of her kids. Here’s the link to deliciousness:

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