About the LoveWords Shop…

The LoveWords Shop was born out of somewhat unexpected necessity.  A couple years ago, I began to write nightly devotionals for my men’s group at church. Over time, the list of my readers has grown to include people from around the country.  Along the way, people have asked me to write on various topics, and they’ve requested information on numerous things ranging from marital advice, to health resources, to fishing tips. Eventually as I learn the art of blogging, I will add other features, but for now, I’m going with what I know…writing devotionals.

The main purpose of the LoveWords Shop is to communicate the love and truth of God, and the message of Jesus Christ to as many people as possible. I chose the name because because the Bible tells us that God is love. Therefore, any words inspired by Him, or written about Him must be words of love. I added “shop” to the title because as this site grows, I hope to be able provide numerous resources for anyone, and everyone who is looking for help, encouragement, understanding and love from God. God is our ultimate source. Whatever we need, God’s got it!

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