A miracle … when I least expected it!

silver-cupHi everyone,

I’m sure all of you have read numerous wonderfully incredible, surprising stories of modern-day miracles … that happen when they’re least expected. Many of them bring happy tears to your eyes, and smiles to your faces. They all remind us that God is still bringing us little episodes of hope … to help us keep believing.

But have you ever wondered … “Why don’t those miracles happen to me?” I have … many times. And yes, I’ve sometimes wondered if God even remembers me.

Well my friends … I wonder no more!

This afternoon, I was visiting  one of my favorite places … the home of my most dear friends Jerry and Gloria. I had been there a couple hours when Jerry quite casually said to me … “Oh by the way, I was cleaning up some things in the garage, when I came across two boxes that seem to have a bunch of pictures and news articles from your family history”.

I replied “What?” He said “I have no idea how they got in my garage … but I think they belong to you”.

I said “Let’s go have a look”.

My friends, as I’m writing this … I’m in tearful,  joyful, amazement.

After I got home, I went through the boxes. In those boxes are hundreds of photos spanning five generations of my family … including pictures that represent the dearest, sweetest memories of my life.

But wait … there’s more!

In one of the boxes … was my sterling silver baby cup … the first cup from which I ever drank … once I was able to drink from a cup.

Please understand … I had long ago assumed that all of those treasures were lost forever. I had no expectation … of ever seeing any of them again.

But God … had a miracle in mind! He remembered me today! My eyes are flooded.

My friends, He remembers all of you as well … every day. And in His perfect timing … He will remind each of you of that wonderfully, amazing truth … when you least expect that precious reminder.

Who remembered us in our lowly state, For His mercy endures forever Psalm 136:23

Hang on … your miracle is on the way!



2 thoughts on “A miracle … when I least expected it!”

  1. A miracle indeed.
    What a MIGHTY GOD we serve. Out of every human being on this planet, he chose to surprise you with memories that belong to you alone. A Miraculous Divine Allignment.
    I’m not surprised… but once again stand in unreserved AMAZEMENT OF OUR ALL LOVING, POWERFUL and TENDER-HEARTED GOD. And the thing that comes to my mind is that our MIGHTY GOD had just been waiting for the perfect moment for you to receive your miracle. I believe He was smiling as He watched you open those boxes, touch each memory and hold that cup.
    A little bit like the day you opened the Gift of JESUS, right? God smiled that day too.
    Thank you for sharing your miracle, Geoff.

    1. Thank you Cheryl,

      This has had a huge impact on me. Truly … I often wondered … would God ever bless me with one of those out-of-nowhere miracles?
      And then He did!

      Now … I realize … I must dedicate myself to somehow help all those others who wonder … is He real? … to realize for themselves … yes He is real!

      Perhaps a professional … Ron … can teach me.


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